About Cartwatch

In order to create a welcoming environment for honest customers, barrier-free entrances are becoming an increasingly common feature of modern retail store design.

However, thieves and especially organized gangs, are able to utilize this security vulnerability. By stocking carts and baskets with goods and leaving the store through the open entrance, they are able to circumvent the security of the checkout area. Should they be caught during their operation, they have a variety of excuses at their disposal, rendering this a nearly risk-free crime.

It is known that larger retail stores lose hundreds of Euros in goods every week due to this vulnerability.

Cartwatch secures open entrance areas and provides effective protection for your goods.

Our solution detects full and empty carts using a small network of cameras. If a full cart is moving in a prohibited direction towards the entrance, we trigger an alarm. Empty carts are not tracked – therefore our rate of false positives is extremely low.

Cartwatch has the following key advantages:

  • Function: Cartwatch is dependable
  • Handling: Employees can interact with Cartwatch without further training
  • Maintenance: Not required
  • Layout: Stores outfitted with Cartwatch can be remodelled as required
  • Installation: Cartwatch is quickly and easily installed by your service company or our partners
  • Independent: Cartwatch runs autonomously and only requires a power supply
  • Privacy: We anonymize all data and are compliant with local data protection laws